Teabreak Booking

Teabreak Donations are available for donors who would like to sponsor a meal for the children.  Please read the guidelines carefully before making a booking.


1) Donors can only order food for delivery to the Home from external vendors. Please ensure food ordered is NEA licensed, SFA certified and Halal-certified.

2) Here are some food recommendations:

  • Ayam Penyet President
  • The Soup Spoon
  • Subway Sandwiches
  • Lean Bento
  • Delifrance
  • Kopi & Tarts
  • Gardenia cream-filled breads
  • Swee Heng Assorted Breads
  • Quesadillas
  • Nasi Lemak CRAVE
  • Any type of Creamy Pasta

3) Teabreak should be catered for 35 pax.

4) Food has to arrive by 3:30pm to ensure that our children are able to have their meals on time.

5) To secure a slot, donors are encouraged to book 1 week in advance.

6) We accept one teabreak donation per day throughout the month.

7) As the children’s profiles are protected by the Children and Young Persons Act under MSF, we apologise that donors will not be able to have meals with the children.


1) Pick a date on the calendar.

2) Fill in the necessary details.

3) A confirmation email will be sent.

4) We will call you as a reminder 1 day before the booked date.


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