The Centre of Excellence provides a platform to allow the residents to explore the different forms of art and sports such as batik painting, soccer, silat and music and delve deeper into their areas of interest and maximize their potential.

The Centre of Excellence comprises of 4 different ‘Academies’ which are as follows:

1) The Academy of Sports coached by Mr Aide Iskandar

2) The Academy of Batik guided by Mr Sarkasi Said

3) The Academy of Silat coached by instructors from Grasio Association (Singapore)

4) The Academy of Music tutored by Mr Moliano Rasmadi

Each child is encouraged to participate in at least one academy and they will be mentored by the respective instructors in the respective academy. This ensures that our children receive the best guidance for them to learn and excel in the chosen field.


The Guided Study Sessions conducted in-house aims to help the Primary and Secondary school-going residents keep up in school by providing them with extra academic support in their English and Maths subjects through homework guidance and topical lessons.

The classes are conducted weekly during the following days and timings:

  • Mondays: 2000hr to 2130hr
  • Wednesdays: 2000hr to 2130hr

In order to facilitate the best learning in each class, the class size is kept small on average of 3 residents with a maximum capacity of not more than 5 residents per class. The residents will be split into classes based on their respective streams and subject combination in their schools to ensure effective learning. This is also done to ensure that the residents are able to get more personalized attention and guidance from the tutors.


Jamiyah Children’s Home welcomes all individuals and organizations to join us in giving the gift of love to our residents in care. Long-term volunteer-led engagements held within the home have proved to be attractive to our residents and a great deal of benefit is derived with the regular engagements from learning particular skills, gaining insightful knowledge from the volunteers and simply having a good time with people who care about them a lot. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following organizations who have contributed their time and effort to the home:

  1. National University of Singapore Muslim Society – Project Valour
  2. Nanyang Technological University Muslim Society
  3. Rotary Club of Marina City

as well as our individual volunteers who have contributed to the home some way or another. Do contact us at 63449533 for volunteering opportunities.