Serving the Community, Caring for All


Provide the Best Care by Protecting, Educating and Nurturing Children in Care

Our History

Founded in 1993, Jamiyah Children’s Home -Darul Ma’wa is a Home for orphans and neglected children of single parents, drug detainees, abused and dysfunctional families and children with special needs, as well as those of whom their guardians are not able to care for.

Jamiyah Children’s Home -Darul Ma’wa its operations on 24th July 1993 at 32 Bartley Road. We relocated twice, first to 1 Chin Cheng Avenue on 17 April 1999 and then on 2012, we moved to 15 Guillemard Crescent, our current premises.

Jamiyah Children’s Home promotes voluntarism and social responsibility within the community through providing opportunities to members of public and corporate bodies. It was noted that volunteers’ initiatives have created positive impact on residents’ emotional development as a whole.